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May 2024 Training Tips

Check out our May Training Tips which include Word, OneDrive, and Teams information.

Hi everyone! Some topics we have covered this month are Microsoft Word shortcuts and features, as well as OneDrive Version history and uploading and sharing within Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Word How to Highlight:

 Let's start with some Microsoft Word reminders. Sometimes clicking and dragging your mouse to highlight every single word, sentence, or paragraph can be irritating. To alleviate this problem hit the Ctrl button and click anywhere within a sentence. It will automatically highlight only that sentence. Double-clicking a word will highlight just that word, and triple-clicking a word highlights an entire paragraph. If you are trying to highlight an entire document not just a paragraph or sentence you can select Ctrl + A and the whole document will be selected.

Microsoft Word Features:

Next are some features I bet you did not know Microsoft Word had. First, sometimes when opening a very long document you want to go to the most recent edit or change that was made. Instead of having to scroll through the whole document and try to figure out where you or someone else made an edit, you can simply hit Shift + F5. This will jump you to the most recent edit made in Word. Another interesting feature Word has is adding a timestamp to a document. The steps to do this are simple. Select the insert tab in your Word ribbon. Click “Date and Time” on the top right corner. It will give you a list of options you can set your timestamp to. Once you've chosen the version you would like simply click "Ok". If you want your timestamp to update anytime someone opens the document, select “Update Automatically”. Our last Microsoft Word feature is called Smart Lookup. Smart Lookup allows users to be able to search for information on the internet by merely highlighting a word or phrase in their document. All you have to do is highlight a word or phrase and then right-click. Once you've right clicked select the "Search" option in the drop-down menu. You will immediately be given many different sources of information which will pop up to the right of your document.

This two-minute video to the left walks you through how to upload as well as locate different files within Microsoft Teams.

Accessing OneDrive Version History:

For our last tech tip, we focused on OneDrive. Specifically finding the Version History within OneDrive. Version History can be extremely helpful for a few reasons. First, if someone accidentally deletes or changes something within the document you can restore the original version by selecting it within Version History. Version History also keeps a record of when a document was edited. So, if you wanted to check the last time the document was updated all you have to do is check the Version History. For more information and what it might look like view the video to the left.

I hope you have found these tech tips helpful! Please feel free to share these tips out or contact us with questions or comments!

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