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Law Firm Virtual IT Department

Imagine your law firm's IT being handled.  Completely and entirely handled. From CIO level business strategy to boots on the ground, plugging in cables, we become your IT department.
Save money, save time, and stress less with ArchiTechture as your IT partner!

We understand that small businesses and law firms have unique needs.

That’s why we take the time to get to know you, understand your needs, and provide you with technology solutions tailored for your company.

We’re experts at helping law firms use technology to reach their goals and:

Make More Money – We help you use technology to your advantage financially, and we’ll also help boost your employees’ productivity so they can generate more revenue for you.

Gain Peace Of Mind – Stop worrying about your technology… we’ll handle it all for you by proactively preventing problems before they happen and fixing any issues that you run into! That way, you can focus on running your business.

Simplify Financial Planning – Gone are the days of paying ridiculous amounts of money when your technology breaks. We don’t benefit from your pain – with us, you’ll have all of your technology managed for one simple, affordable flat monthly rate.

Decrease Downtime – Downtime costs you a lot of money. Why let it become a financial burden when it doesn’t have to? When you’re down, or having issues, it’s costing us time, money and manpower, just like it costs you. It’s in both of our interests to avoid issues, reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Get the Technology You Need

Stop overspending on office technology.


With hardware offered by ArchiTechture as a service, you avoid major upfront expenses. Instead, you simply pay an affordable flat monthly fee for exactly what you need (hardware, installation, security, backups, applications, and more)!


Stay secure and compliant with industry standards.

We understand that compliance is not an option for your company. It’s absolutely necessary.

That’s why our security solutions can help you remain compliant or become compliant and stay that way!


User Training & Support

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Backups & Business Continuity

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Cloud Migration

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Network & Server Management


Email / Systems Security

Virtual CIO / Productivity
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