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Managed IT Security Services

Double up your defense with an IT security specialist safeguarding your business. We’re a virtual IT department offering around the clock support for bullet-proof security and a weight off your shoulders. 
Cybersecurity Audits

Has your business got its hardest crash helmet on? We’ll review your IT security to catch vulnerabilities, threats and high-risk processes before they do damage.


Disaster-proof your business with a long-term cybersecurity plan that takes you out of stress-reactive mode to “we’ve got this covered” mode.

Employee Education

Human error and a lack of knowledge are most businesses’ biggest threats. Protect against data breaches and the financial fallout by keeping staff up-to-speed.

Filtering out dangers

Fight off the baddies. Email filtering, web filtering and firewalls keep threats locked out so your business can carry on trouble-free.

OS Security Patches

Are your operating systems (OS) vulnerable? Leave the OS security patches to us to keep your systems moving with the best line of defense.

Keeping you updated

Anti-virus and anti-malware software isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it gig. They need consistent updates to keep your business protected against new threats that show up daily.


User Training & Support

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Backups & Business Continuity

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Cloud Migration

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Network & Server Management


Email / Systems Security

Virtual CIO
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